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Training Topics

The suppliers participating in the construction of the nuclear power plant should have beside general industry experiences also different, specified competencies.

General Business Competencies:

  • Nuclear Energy Business Environment in Hungary
  • Key players and their roles
  • Safety Culture in Nuclear Energy Industry, Safety requirements driven characteristics of the nuclear energy business
  • Guidelines, requirements for management system
  • Principal guidelines for construction
  • Risks and risk management in nuclear construction
  • Quality Management Quality/certification requirements, project specific quality plan,
  • Procurement procedures Requirement management in subcontracting chain, Schedule considerations for tendering and contracting
  • Integration of design to construction, supervision during construction
  • Change control, non-conformity control, impacts on schedule, roles of authorities and inspection organizations
  • Documentation at different stages of Document works, approval process, formalities
  • Financing the nuclear business, insurance issues

Technical Competencies, Specific to Rosatom NPP projects:

  • General information about ROSATOM project organization responsibility
  • International, Russian and Hungary regulatory requirements and procedures
  • Intergovernmental Agreement, General Contract and sub-contracting requirements
  • General NPP design information (safety classification, process information, layouts, construction schedule, access etc.)
  • Detailed Design Elaboration procedures
  • Nuclear Island (NI): NI auxiliary systems, Main systems and components, Process systems, Handling systems, I&C systems, Electric systems and cables, General Layout, NI Buildings Layouts, System Descriptions,
  • Turbine Island (TI): Main systems and components, Process systems, Handling systems, I&C systems, Electric systems and cables, TI auxiliary systems, General Layout, TI Buildings Layouts, System Descriptions,
  • Civil construction, Infrastructures: Safety buildings, General industrial buildings, Temporary construction support buildings, warehouses and offices, General buildings and systems, General Layout, Buildings Layouts
  • Project Execution Network schedule.
  • Individual Courses for companies: It will be needed for companies to have an exact proposal for project participation in the chosen areas. It will include special explanations and client satisfaction training based on real contract and design requirements. Courses will have to provide recommendations for possible cooperation with third countries’ companies for better readability of bids.

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