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Nuclear waste management

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Work areas during the life cycle of the final disposal facility

Some examples of work available during the life cycle of the final disposal facility include:

Development of infrastructure

  • roads and lighting
  • site preparation and lighting
  • public utility services for the site and the encapsulation plant
  • electricity and telecommunications
  • fences and area surveillance
  • district heating
  • site support areas
  • bentonite container storage area
  • a warehouse for the building materials

Construction of the final disposal facility

  • design work
  • excavating the required spaces and performing installations in them

Electrical component facility

  • design work and surveys
  • construction and installations

Installation equipment development

  • equipment development
  • getting permits and manufacturing the final equipment

Encapsulation plant development

  • design work
  • excavating the facility base
  • construction
  • installations

Manufacturing of equipment for the encapsulation plant

  • design work
  • manufacturing

Construction of support facilities, such as

  • operation building
  • ventilation building
  • research building
  • storage space and repair shop
  • the spaces required by various heating, plumbing, ventilation and electrical systems

During use

  • fuel storage canisters
  • manufacturing of buffer and filler blocks
  • bentonite
  • clay material and mixtures
  • spent fuel transportation
  • spent fuel transportation containers

Operational waste

Low and intermediate level waste, also called operational waste, is created during the operation and maintenance of a nuclear power plant. In Finland, it is transported to the operational waste repository (VLJ repository).

Examples of work available to subcontractors during the construction and operation of a repository:

Preparatory work

  • design work that requires expertise, e.g. analysing bedrock studies, layout planning and rock structure planning of rock silos, expert supervision of underground construction, design development the VLJ cave
  • excavation
  • the elevator shaft and stairwell
  • electrical work
  • municipal engineering
  • building the control room facility
  • heating, plumbing, ventilation and electrical installation

During use

  • steel or concrete boxes or barrels
  • work and equipment related to waste sorting, baling and compression
  • waste transportation
  • transportation containers

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